Botanical Detox Mask or Scrub for Sensitive Skin

Item Description

Contains Australian Ivory Clay, rice flour, buttermilk powder, ground oats, wheat grass extract, organic olive leaf, organic myrtle, green tea extract, apricot kernel oil, xanthan gum.

Australian Ivory Clay is the mildest of all clays, perfect for sensitive skin. Rice flour is used as a brightening skin treatment, touted for its ability to fade discoloration. Buttermilk powder is rich in lactic acid and is known for its ability to soothe dried out damaged skin and to slough away dead skin cells. Wheat grass is a natural detoxifier with anti-aging and antiseptic properties, often used to soothe and treat sunburn, acne, and rashes. Green tea extract has anti- inflammatory benefits and a small study found it helpful in treating rosacea. Myrtle was considered a sacred branch for the goddesses Aphrodite and Demeter, probably due to its antiseptic and astringent properties, as well as its belief to aid in diminishing wrinkles. In studies, olive leaf has shown promising ability to reduce skin redness and dehydration.

This is a perfect facial treatment if your skin is sensitive but you still wish to gently exfoliate. It may be used as a scrub or as a mask. To use as a scrub, remove a teaspoon of the product and mix with about one teaspoon of water in your cupped hand as you scrub your face.

To use as a mask, mix one teaspoon of mask with one teaspoon of water in a small bowl and make a paste. Add more water to achieved your own desired consistency. Apply to face and leave on up to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Since this is a dry product, it will have an excellent shelf life. You should be able to have at least 10 facials from the product. Net weight is 1 ounce.

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