The oily skin means acne myth

Are you constantly trying to blot oil from your face, hoping that this will prevent another zit from forming? The idea that oil causes acne may be a myth, as there is no real concrete evidence that oil is the cause of acne.

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Natural Acne Treaments

I started making my own beauty products to help my family and friends find healthy alternatives to what exits commercially. Although products for acne weren’t initially on my radar, I became more and more interested in formulating a product since most products on the market simply use salicylic acid, which can be very irritating.

To color or not to color

I have decided to grow out my gray hair, at least for a while. There are a million reasons why I am trying this, but for starters, coloring my hair makes me feel a little like a hypocrite. All over the internet you can read about the perils of black hair dye, and yet, that's what I use, despite my penchant for living naturally, and preaching about chemicals in beauty products. I rationalize this by saying that I am doing what I can, that some things may not be negotiable. And yet I color my hair without really knowing whether I would like the gray that I have.

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